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Harwan Garden

Harwan located in Srinagar, Harwan is a huge garden with a beautiful canal passing through its heart. Lined with flowerbeds and massive Chinar Trees, the canal is fed from a beautiful lake, which lies just behind the garden. Purposefully kept devoid of fanciful things and artificial fountains, the abundant natural beauty of the place complete with vast big green-carpeted lawns, makes it an ideal spot for picnics and excursions. Besides the delightful long walks in the Garden itself, it is also a take-off point for visiting Wild life sanctuary of Dachi Gam and a starting point of trekking up to Mahadev Mountain.

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Other Details

  • Organizer : Mr Javid
  • Main Destination : KASHMIR
  • Sub Destination : Mughal Garden
  • Place Name : Harwan Garden